Recommendations for installing the pasta tile

The base where the floor tiles will be laid should be poured 4 days prior to placing them, otherwise they can become stained from moisture of the base.
Floor tiles should be laid at the end of the project. Otherwise, tiles might get stained by working carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, masons etc.
Before setting it so it doesn't rob moisture from the morter used to attach it.This also prevents the tiles from becoming loose in time. After soaking the tiles should be stacked face to face and on edge; stacking them face to back can result in staining.
Slight variations in thickness so it is important to lay them carefully so the surface remains perfectly level.All tiles will need to be polished when project is completed. Should be a distance of 4.5 to 5cm from the ground or base to the visible face of the tile, considering the thickness of the tile plus the thickness of the mixture.
Approximately 2mm. After setting the tiles they should then be swept and washed before filling in the cracks with a sealing grout made of water and white cement using sufficient water to assure that the cracks will be filled.
It is important to clean off all excess material so streaks will not remain on the surface.
It should be left dry for 2 -4 weeks (depending on various factors such as time of year, ventilation, upper or lower level, etc.). During this time the area should be block off from foot traffic.
NOTE: Mosaics are provided without polishing nor shining, since this process is realized after mosaic have been installed. Another option is to seal them with some sealant either mate or shiny according to your preference. Mosaics are polished and shined, traditionally. THE MOSAIC SHOULD SHINE OR SEAL, BUT NOT BOTH..

Instalation Dzununcan Tiles

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We produce solid-colors and decorated tiles by hand.
The pasta tiles are handmade, one by one, by master artisans with many years of experience.

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